XFER™ Multiphase Pump

100% liquid to 100% gas or anything in-between

XFER is a real three-phase fluid transfer pump that lets you pump oil, gas, or anything else your well throws at you.

Eliminate entire separation facilities and save millions

No need to separate the gas from the oil and pump them separately. IJACK customers have saved millions on expensive facilities, simultaneously reducing operating costs while greening their operations.

EGAS™ Compressor

Gas Holding Back Your Oil Production?

EGAS relieves gas back-pressure so you can produce more fluid.

Set it and Forget it

EGAS is fully automated so you can rest easy. Set your desired suction pressure and EGAS will take it there on cruise control.

Liquids Creeping In?

No worries. EGAS will pump the liquids into the flowline.


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We are an engineering company that partners with our customers to create innovative solutions for the most challenging production and midsteam fluid transfer problems.

IJACK’s field-proven products are backed by the responsive service and support, throughout the US and Canada, that you depend on to be successful. All so you can gain an edge in a increasingly competitive resource sector.