XFER™ Multiphase Pump

100% liquid to 100% gas allows for any potential gas liquid ratio (GLR)

IJACK dual XFER multiphase pump for oil and gas production, tied into satellite office


IJACK™ XFER multiphase pump is a cost-effective pumping and compression system. XFER transfers oil, water, gas and solids from the wellhead to the battery which allows for increased production by lowering casing, well and flowline pressures. The XFER replaces satellite facilities and can be used as a powerful booster pump for injection wells.

Our customers have proven that our IJACK XFER multiphase transfer and booster pump has many business cases:

  1. Lowers overall field and casing pressures, increasing production. Lowers flowline pressures, increasing capacity
  2. Pumps and compresses oil, water, gas emulsions and slugs (including sand and paraffin) from the well directly to the battery with no facilities in between
  3. Replaces entire satellite facilities and significantly lowers operating and maintenance costs
  4. Replaces conventional casing gas compressors – the XFER can function as a gas compressor or a liquid pump, and anywhere in-between
  5. Intakes can be tied directly into flowlines, headers or risers without the need for separators
  6. Lowers PCP rod torque, extends plunger lift run life, and increases run life of down-hole equipment by relieving pressure on the whole system
  7. Uses significantly less horsepower compared to horizontal screw and high-output pumps, resulting in significant cost savings
  8. Minimal downtime, fewer maintenance intervals, and all maintenance can be done on-site in a few hours
  9. A fraction of the maintenance cost of traditional horizontal pumping equipment, and can be done by local service crews in the field, resulting in lower cost of ownership
  10. Can be set up in parallel to maximize equipment usage efficiency during declines, or in series for high pressure differentials
  11. With a high inlet pressure, the XFER covers boost pumping applications with high inlet pressures beyond triplex, screw, or centrifugal pumps
  12. Customer testimonial: "You just press start and walk away"


The IJACK™ XFER is a stand-alone fully-automated plugand-play multiphase pump designed to replace the need for costly traditional multiphase transfer solutions.


The XFER can be tied directly into the flowlines for individual wells or well pads to draw down well and casing pressures, increasing oil production. As a benefit of the lower pressures, the wear and tear on downhole equipment is reduced addition to its life span, PCP torque rates are lowered and plunger lift life is extended. Installing the XFER at headers lowers overall field and flowline pressures to allow more wells, new drills, and/ or previously shut-in wells to discharge into existing lines while continuing to lower casing pressure on the individual wells.


Production models (single unit) can handle:

  • 6,500 m3/d (40,800 bbls/d) of fluids and 90% GVF's of 26 e3m3/d of gas
  • 40,800 bbls/d of fluids and 90% GVF of 920 mscf/d of gas

Custom models (single unit) can handle:

  • 28,600 m3/d (179,800 bbls/d) of fluids and 90% GVF's of 100 e3m3/d of gas
  • 179,800 bbls/d of fluids and 90% GVF of 3.5 mmscf/d of gas

Parallel units will increase these volumes to meet your requirements. Pressure differentials for single ANSI 300 units are up to 480 PSI and can be increased to 740 PSI when used in series. ANSI 600 and 900 units are also available.

The IJACK team is excited to work with you to determine which XFER setup will best suit your needs. We also custom-design and manufacture units for specific needs!


Moving multiphase production (oil, water, gas with sand and/ or paraffins) from a wellsite to a satellite, then separating the phases to send the fluids and gas to a processing facility, is not just a simple production challenge - it is also an economic challenge. Depending on the medium and terrain, various facilities might be required before production reaches the main battery.

The XFER solves this production challenge and significantly reduces operating costs by tying into group lines anywhere between the wells and the main battery, without the need for costly facility infrastructure. XFERs can be set up as single units, parallel units, or in series. Setup two XFERs in parallel to handle high initial fluid and gas flow rates. Setup XFER in series when high discharge pressures are required to push production directly from the well to the main battery. Eliminating facilities achieves significant cost savings from preparing sites, building infrastructure, purchasing and maintaining equipment, operating the sites, and then dismantling them when production no longer justifies the costs.


XFER can also be used as a pressure booster pump for water flooding or fluid disposal downhole. As pressure drops along the line and fluids no longer have the injection pressure required, a strategically placed XFER at a riser will return the fluids to the same pressure as when they left the facility. XFER is an economical way of extending the reach of current facilities.


IJACK's patented proprietary design involves a position control system developed to maximize pump efficiency, and a buffer chamber design that eliminates crosscontamination of fluids and extends hydraulic fluid and seal system run life. You will only find these features on IJACK's products!

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RCOM also includes an alerting system via email, SMS text messages, or phone calls to alert you of any problems such as power outages, or potential problems such as suction pressure spikes, and guide you on steps to be taken. Custom alerts can be created for any metric of interest, and configured from myijack.com.

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