Careers at IJACK


IJACK is a small but fast-growing company, helping the world's most technologically advanced upstream oil and gas companies green their operations and get more production with much lower environmental impact. We manufacture artificial lift and optimization equipment for oil and gas production and facility areas. Our patented products eliminate the need for methane venting and flaring, and sometimes even entire facilities, making our customers the leanest and greenest in the oilpatch.

IJACK shop in Moosomin, Saskatchewan, Canada

What to Expect?

Employees at IJACK experience high levels of autonomy and teamwork. Working at a smaller company, our people often have to "wear many hats" to get the job done for our customers. Staff learn quickly and help each other. Everyone is encouraged to listen to customers - that's how our products are invented and perfected!

Positions We're Often Looking For

IJACK is always looking for talented people, particularly in the following areas:

  • Technical sales: New IJACK customers have interesting challenges, and each job is unique. Often, IJACK products and capabilities can sound "too good to be true" since our patented pumps are highly innovative. Customers may not have heard of IJACK, and we'll need to explain, demo, and prove what we say is true. After that, we have a long-term satisfied customer. It's a rewarding journey for someone who likes explaining cutting-edge ideas.
  • Design engineering: IJACK staff - and our customers - are always dreaming up new ideas. We strongly believe in continuous improvement, and innovative designs that solve customer problems are the reason for our success. If you enjoy designing in 3D, sourcing parts, and bringing ideas to life in a matter of months, join us at IJACK and start inventing and greening the future of oil and gas. Typical candidates have an engineering or design experience.
  • Heavy duty mechanics: As a manufacturing company, IJACK has to build the products, and service them in the field when the need arises. For that we need assemblers to build the products, and service people to travel to customer sites for installation and maintenance work.

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