A practical and economical solution for gas restricted oil producing wells. IJACK™ DGAS casing gas compression system relieves downhole back-pressure and maximizes oil production.

IJACK™ DGAS is a premium bolt-on compression system designed to stand up to the harshest climates and the most challenging operating conditions through safe and simple operation. No other compressor package provides more value than IJACK™ DGAS.


IJACK™ DGAS casing gas compression system is engineered to bolt onto the walking beam of a conventional pumping unit and is compatible with most models.

The system consists of two main components: the compressor cylinder and the scrubber tank. A dual action compressor relieves casing gas from the annulus and sends it through the flowline. This allows for unrestricted reservoir inflow and ultimately brings more oil to the surface.

No external power source required.


Installation is simple and straightforward.

  • Fastened with engineered connections between the walking beam and cement base
  • Safely secured to the pumping unit in less than two hours
  • Direct bolt-on installation: no welding or major pipefitting required
  • Fits most pumpng unit sizes, thanks to an interchangeable spool piece
  • Multiple wells can be tied into one DGAS unit
  • Compact footprint ensures a streamlined fit with premium engineered connections
  • Minimal equipment/manpower required to install


  • Optimized geometry allows custom cylinder stroke length targeting well output
  • Securely mounted pressure and suction lines to minimize wear and allow hoses to be positioned safely
  • Built with industry-leading components including: seals, bearings, valves and fittings
  • Standard packages for enhanced ease of operation include: Auto-Drain, High Level Shutdown and tie-down kits
IJACK DGAS beam-mounted gas compressor reached target casing gas pressure on conventional oil well
IJACK DGAS hydraulic pumping unit and gas compressor working on the Lodgepole oil wells
IJACK DGAS beam-mounted gas compressor on Oilboss pumpjack oil well
IJACK DGAS beam-mounted casing gas compressor on conventional, traditional pumpjack oil well