Lubrication Procedure

EGAS™ and DGAS™ Pumps

IJACK EGAS and DGAS lubricating procedure

Repeat the following procedure twice each time you lubricate

  1. Make sure both the Top Fill and Bottom Release valves are fully closed
  2. Slowly remove the 2” Black Plug
  3. Slowly open the Top Fill Valve fully
  4. Fill the Swage Nipple with WD40 (try not to get any in the Top Fill valve ball as it may spray out the next time you open it)
  5. Close the Top Fill Valve
  6. Replace the 2” Black Plug and tighten
  7. Slightly crack open the Bottom Release valve and leave it cracked open for a few minutes while the WD40 is sucked into the compressor intake lines (by cracking it open it will slow release, lubricating both sides of the compressor)
  8. After a minutes close the Bottom Release valve
  9. Repeat the above procedure to fully lubricate the compressor seals
  10. Carry out the lubrication process on a weekly basis.