Cost-Effective Technology for Transporting Multiphase Fluids

2021 February 05

Do you want to make oil facilities, separators, pumps, compressors and storage tanks obsolete and implement a cost-effective technology for transporting multiphase fluids in a single pipeline directly from the well to your battery? XFERs are doing this for our customers throughout North America at a fraction of the purchase and maintenance cost of screw pumps. We have replaced 500 HP screw pump packages with 125 HP XFERs and achieved lower intake pressures, adding production.

Lower your casing, well, and flowline pressures individually or simultaneously. IJACK's optimization equipment can achieve up to 740 PSI+ pressure reductions with low cost of ownership. The XFER can handle both single and tri-phase/multiphase applications.

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Two IJACK XFER 2270 125 horsepower pumps reduce intake pressures by 20 PSI with 75 percent less installed power