IJACK Capabilities in Emission Reduction

2021 February 12

IJACK has partnered with our customers and national environmental programs in joining a global initiative to reduce emissions, by eliminating the need for venting and/or flaring via our innovative solutions.

With initiatives launched which encourage oil and gas producers to think green, we have customers successfully applying for grants to assist in funding, while meeting their internal corporate ESG goals.

Thank you to the Canadian Trade Commissioner Service (TCS) and PTAC for inviting and including IJACK in the directory.

Globally, the oil and gas sector is a key emitter of methane. Methane is a main constituent in natural gas and is emitted during production and processing operations. The International Energy Agency (IEA) estimates that 11 BCF/day1 of methane is lost from global oil and gas operations. Approximately $30 billion in lost product each year can be attributed to methane emissions.2 At the same time, technologies and solutions exist today to reduce emissions, either at a net zero cost, or by transforming them into saleable products. This opportunity allows oil and gas producers to reduce their carbon footprint while generating economic and social benefits.

Canada is a world leader in responsible development of natural resources and it has taken steps to reduce methane emissions at home and abroad. Canadian entrepreneurs have developed solutions to address methane emissions in the local market. They are exporting technologies and services to improve profitability in oil and gas production while reducing methane emissions. In the mid-term, these technologies and services may also have broader applications to other industries globally, such as agriculture and waste management. These solutions contribute to global efforts to reduce the impact of climate change.

Contact us for more information on how we are reducing emissions, costs, and maintenance downtime.

1 https://www.iea.org/reports/methane-emissions-from-oil-and-gas and PTAC: 82 MT methane/year, converted to oil field units. Global methane emission from all sources are estimated at 570 MT methane/year.
2 https://www.ccacoalition.org/en/activity/global-methane-alliance