New 16" Series XFER Multiphase Fluid Transfer Pump Commissioned

2021 March 16

All hands on deck, our latest XFER installations have been keeping us busy! Our founder Dan McCarthy is on location today installing the first XFER 1670 multiphase fluid transfer pump. We designed this unit with a 16" barrel for a customer who required a 400+ PSI delta P; before we finished manufacturing, we sold all of our 1670 inventory.

XFERs are available in multiple sizes and have proven to be incredibly versatile with many proven business cases, and more to be tried. As an optimization solution for both production and facilities, our customers are increasing production and reducing operating costs. Some benefits include:

  • Pump and compress emulsions from 100% fluids to 100% gas (GVF of 90%) or any combination of both--solids are not an issue
  • Lower casing, well and flowline pressures, simultaneously, allowing for increased oil production and more wells to discharge into existing flowlines
  • Extend downhole equipment life with lower pressures
  • Eliminate need for casing gas compressors
  • Reduce PCP torque rates considerably
  • Cycle plunger lift systems cycle more often
  • Reduce required injection pressure for gas lift systems
  • Pump/compress the gas, fluids and solids emulsion directly from well to battery
  • Replace older underutilized facilities where production does not justify the operating and maintenance costs
  • Avoid building new costly facilities
  • Stop trucking fluids from the well pad to the battery
  • Eliminate the need for gas venting/flaring
  • Replace screw pumps as we can handle full emulsions with no need for fluid recirculation
  • Inject fluid in waterflood and disposal operations with powerful booster pump, for systems that experience pressure drops at the most remote areas

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