Real Time Data

Request second-by-second live data from the unit.


First select the "Charts" tab, then the "Real Time" tab.

Two minutes of real-time data will automatically be requested from the unit.

Note: it might take a few seconds for the data to be returned and charted.

To request real-time data for up to 60 minutes, type a number from 1-60 into the input box, and click the "Submit" button.

RCOM charts - real time

Remote Control

Wherever you are, you're in control.

Start, stop, and lock your units remotely.

Optimize your IJACKs with speed and pressure setpoints

RCOM indicators


Quickly check the status of a unit, including any active alert states.

Green is good!

RCOM indicators

Long Term Trends

View historical data.

RCOM charts - normal


Surface cards for UNO pumpjacks, and compression cards for EGAS/XFER.

Identify potential issues before they become problems, and maximize production.

RCOM surface cards

Alarm Log

Check the alarm log remotely, as though you were on-site.

RCOM charts - real time

User Management

You control who in your company can access RCOM, and who can remote-control which IJACKs.

RCOM - manage users in your company

Smart Alerts

Create alerts so you know right away if there's a problem like a power outage.

Receive alerts up to three different ways:

  1. Email
  2. SMS text message
  3. Phone call

Choose which alerts matter most to you:

  • Unit not stroking
  • Power or internet failure
  • Smart change detection algorithm for increased suction pressure
RCOM - create smart alert